The 21st century has finally brought back the Bold wallpapers but in thousands and thousands of different colours, flower shapes, textures and patterns, spoiling the consumer’s choice!

Wallpaper With Bold Patterns and Colour Trends by Creative Ally  has made its way back because they are such a diverse pattern to add a burst of colour to your home.

Do you have a room that’s feeling tired or bland? Here are five ways to make a bold statement and give your space the life and “Wow Factor” you desire!


  1. A bold rug is a great way to make a dull space feel vibrant and dynamic. Choose a rug with a graphic pattern or bold colour palette by the Best Interior designing company to instantly add more neutral or solid furnishings.


  1. Changing the wall colour of a room will dramatically affect how the space feels. Though many people shy away from painting, it is one of the more cost-effective ways to impact a room’s look significantly.


  1. Bright accent pieces can be fun to introduce interest and contrast into a room while doing home decor. One way is to pick accent pieces in one colour to contrast against a neutral backdrop.


  1. Introduce patterns using a bold fabric pattern on chairs, a sofa, curtains or pillows. Use the colours in the patterned fabric to select the palette of the other elements in the room, like the wall colour, other upholstered pieces, and accessories.


  1. Introduce patterns using wallpaper. If your room is filled with solid and neutral furnishings, wallpaper is a great way to give a room a bold look. A room can be entirely transformed by introducing an excellent wallpaper pattern that defines the space.


Many people are afraid to commit to a bold colour or pattern in their home to avoid tiring of it too quickly. Unfortunately, this leads to blank spaces with no personality!

To give a room personality, you need not buy all statement pieces.

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