Top 10 Trends You Can Try In 2022 For Your Office Interiors In India


In 2022, with technology, design, and innovation coming together, many large companies are trying their best to provide their employees with optimal and efficient workplaces. After the COVID crisis, offices can not function the same as before, and that is why we have all seen a drastic change in the office interiors in India. It may seem that our workspace does not affect the quality of our work, but it actually does. A good workspace will help us to reduce stress and boost our productivity. To create an environment where employees feel comfortable, neither traditional cubicles nor trendy open space, modern trends claim customized workspaces that enhance creativity and improve employee well-being in accordance with the commitment of the company. We prepared a list of the most popular office interior trends in 2022:

  1. Transformable Offices

Office Interiors in India after the COVID crisis are definitely not the same as most companies are considering combined work since many employees are preferring to do work from home while some may be working from the office. Due to this, many companies do not need fixed-site expensive offices anymore. Convertible offices have always been very popular, especially for the companies where the number of employees working in the office fluctuates often. Suppose, your company has 10 in-office employees and 12 people working in a remote mode. If suddenly, your colleagues are arriving today from another city for a business trip and 4-5 employees that work from home will also be coming for a conference and may work from the office for just today. A transformable office with convertible furniture and space can allow you to increase the number of employees and your working and sitting space up to 30% and can again reduce it when not in need. The biggest advantage of convertible offices is that they have cheaper and affordable interiors than classic office interiors. In 2022, transformable offices have become the new normal and are trending in other countries as well. If you want to reopen your office, convertible offices are one of the best choices to go for in 2022.

  1. Smart Offices

After the COVID pandemic, health and contactless living have become the first priority for everyone, while taking care of the help of the employees is the major concern for all the businesses these days. Keeping that in mind, since the beginning of the pandemic, developers started working on applications that can help minimize the contact processes in office interiors in India.

For example, in Wanglong and Huawei, many companies are using an elevator calling app installed in their employee’s mobile phones. Similarly, many countries are introducing such intelligence to reduce the contact of their employees.

Similarly, Creative Ally, a tech-based design consultancy & construction firm, can help you install smart face sensor automated doors, automatic sensor-equipped water & soap dispensers, non-contact systems for mixers & flushing in bathrooms, and automatic coffee machines, e.t.c., in your office interiors in India. At Creative Ally, one can also see how their future office would look through virtual-reality walk-throughs. If you are re-opening or opening your office after the pandemic, smart offices can make sure you and your employees get a safe environment to work in.

  1. Home-Like Office

Top companies such as Google, Amazon, e.t.c, are focusing on giving their employees the most comfortable and home-like feel in the offices to increase productivity. They noticed an upward graph in the productivity of their employees while they were working from home, for which the reason they predicted to be the level of comfort one is in their homes. Sticking to that, many firms switched their themes from formals to casuals/PJs and changed their interiors from classy to cozy. The office design 2022 is characterized by carpeting, warm lighting, curtains, and other textiles, a library, healthy snacks and free water, and plenty of indoor plants. Comfortable chairs and armchairs are essential in the design of the office to follow the trend. If you want to provide your employees with a comfortable & cozy place to work in and also want to follow the trend, home-like office interiors can be a good choice.

  1. Green Office

Studies have shown that a person’s mind works better when they get more exposure to nature and greenery, following which many companies are switching to the green office interiors trends in 2022. The abundance of plants, the use of natural materials, and ample natural light not only make the workplace beautiful, but they have a powerful impact on the health and productivity of employees. There are many benefits to having a green environment in the office, including increased brain function and reduced stress levels. Floor pots with live plants and hanging pots can be placed around the office.

Wrapping UP

Office interior trends in 2022 are not just about aesthetics but about the functionality of the office. After the Covid crisis, maintaining social distancing, sanitization and minimum contact with office functions are the major concerns for everyone.  You can follow the above-mentioned office interior trends in 2022 if you are planning to re-open or open your office after the pandemic. Creative Ally can help you renovate or design your office by following all the COVID-19 guidelines. At Creative Ally, you can also see your office with virtual-reality walk-throughs and get your office designed the way you want.

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