It is rightly said that the bathroom is the most important room in a house. But why is it said so?
That’s because a great bathroom can provide you with a brief space of solitude as well as it is a
great place to unreel a long and stressful day with a nice hot water shower. Here the bathroom
becomes something much more than just another room in a house. It becomes a peace asylum.
Often what happens in the bathroom will set the tone for what will happen for the rest of the day.
Also, a quick fact, did you know the average time a person will spend in a bathroom is 1.5
years? Furthermore, for many of us, the bathroom is that sacred place where we rehearse our
presentation that you’ll be giving the next day. We all remember those under shower memories,
don’t we? A bathroom makeover sounds stressful, right? Well, a bathroom makeover will not
take up your time, thanks to the best interior designer, Creative Ally for making it affordable and
hassle-free. Right from bold wallpapers to minimalist tiling, sleek bathtubs and unique cabinets,
we are here with a few ideas if you’re thinking of remodelling your bathroom.
1. Try Out Different Colours
If you’re thinking of renovating your washroom why not experiment with colours? The bathroom
doesn’t have to be a colourless space! If you are a die heart fan of yellow colour, you can add
wallpapers that have patterns in yellow colour. You can contrast it with dark coloured sink! You
may also use colour changing LEDs which allow you to change the colour scheme as you wish
as per your mood.
2. Add a Bathtub And a Bathtub Shelf, It Will Change The Look
A bathtub with a shelf over it along with some scented candles and a glass of champagne will
change the vibe! It will definitely look sleek and stylish once you add some of them to your
washroom. It is suggested by Creative Ally to install a wooden shelf above your bathtub. It gives
a classic yet contemporary look.
3. Add Greens and Florals
Since the advent of Covid 19 pandemics going out of your abode has reduced prominently. Why
not bring greens to your house instead? Not only greens you can add in roses as well.
Whichever plant or flower you like!
4. Use Charismatic Mirrors
There are different types of mirrors that are in trend now. If you have a plain mirror add a touch
of glam to it by adding LED lights around it. Add different shapes of mirrors. If your bathroom is
compact you can add long mirrors attached to the wall, this will give an illusion of enlarging the
room. Else you can add any smart countertop mirror which has a sensor. Whenever you stand
in front of the mirror it will sense and turn on the light attached to it.
5. Sleek Cabinets
You can install seamless cabinets in your bathroom wherein you can put your belongings like
your fresh towels, stationery products which help in maintaining sanitation as well. The most
important part of the bathroom is maintaining sanitation. Using smart technology helps you aid
ADDITIONAL TIP FROM CREATIVE ALLY: In the covid times the importance of smart
technology has increased even more. We all are aware of that. In addition to the above ideas,
out of our experience would suggest you install an auto touch-free soap dispenser, modern faucet,
copper ventilated laundry basket, bamboo vanity accessory set to mention a few items to help you
accessorize and modernise your bathroom. High tech appliances like light sensors, auto-sensing
faucets etc. will be very beneficial in covid times. If you share your bathroom with someone else and
they tested positive then such appliances reduce the chances of you getting infected.
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