When it comes to home renovation, you may sometimes look around the room and wish it was a bigger space. It would have more light, you could do more with it, fit more things in it – there are reasons why people go for open plan living, and when it comes to decorating, one can’t beat an open plan arrangement for letting the maximum amount of light into every corner of your home.


An open-plan room requires choosing light colors. Make the walls, floor, and ceiling as pale as possible and your main pieces of furniture. And without large amounts of dark color, the area will look more open and more continuous. It is one of the best living room interior design ideas.


Accents are an essential part of home decor when you have an open space, and area rugs are also excellent ways of separating different parts of a space. A large rug can be placed in an area in front of the living room seating, which will lead your eyes to believe that the seating area ends where the rug does, making it a self-contained area even without walls.


It is, of course, your decision whether you decide to go with open-plan interior design or not. The results can be extremely impressive, but the emphasis should always be on light and ease of movement. The good idea is to have only minimal separation of the different areas, like the mental division of your living room.



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