Modern Design VS. Contemporary Design-Jumbled Which Is The One For You


You might be wondering the difference between modern and contemporary design. Arent you? Well, they might be synonyms in general English language but they aren’t the same in the language of design. There is a significant difference between modern and contemporary design. Modern design or traditional design refers to an era that has gone by. Modern design roots back to the mid-1900s. The vintage look of the 1970s can be considered a modern design. While modern design refers to a specific period, contemporary design doesn’t refer to a specific time. Contemporary design is ever-changing. It constantly evolves to reflect present time design. The best part is, once you understand these differences you’ll find it much easier to frame a plan for your own interiors. Here’s everything you need to know.

1.  Show Pieces and Elements

Modern design often includes elements such as a wooden chair, table, green plants, wooden flooring and ceiling. Crisply, modern design includes earthier and natural elements more. 

Whereas Contemporary design includes more state-of-the-art technologically advanced elements. In this modern digital age, technological gadgets are becoming increasingly more common in aspects of our everyday lives, and high-tech furniture pieces are a few great examples of how technological features are becoming embedded in ordinary objects. Contemporary design goes by the concept of Why go for an ordinary couch or chair when you can have one that creatively features a built-in iPad or one that can amazingly transform into a touchscreen device?

2.  Colour Palette

The contemporary design palette often sticks with basic colours like black, white, grey. A tint of vibrant colours is added through elements such as sofa sets or flower vases. The colour of these elements is often pure and saturated tones like red, yellow, indigo and more.

While Modern design colour palette includes earthier tones of turquoise, rust, dark brown, olive green etc. You can notice the difference between these two by visiting websites of interior designing companies like Creative Ally. It will allow you to have more clarity.

3. Furniture Style

If you are reading this by now you must have understood that contemporary design is basically a calm, composed and mature design depiction. In Contemporary design, minimal furnishing is done and the furniture used is bold and noticeable. Soft Contemporary furniture has curved edges, it moves away from the harsh lines of the modern design era. 

A modern designed interior consists of clean and straight lines in comparison to contemporary design which makes use of bold, sweeping and curved lines. Another hallmark of modernist furniture design is the limited colour palette that is used.

4. Material Used

The materials used for the modern design themes are natural and earthy while the materials that are used for contemporary design are a mix of both earthy and tech advanced. Similarities between Contemporary and Modern design.

Here are some features shared by contemporary and modern design interior design:

  1. Open and Spacious layouts 
  2. Smooth Lines
  3. Minimalistic and uncluttered look-” less is more” concept
  4. Less fancy and ornamented embellishmen
  5. Neutral colours-although the colours used in contemporary design are bolder and striking while colours used in modern design are down a tone. 

Now that you have some basic knowledge about the similarities and differences between modern and contemporary design, you can decide which one suits best to your personality. You can also mix and match the two and create your dream abode! But if you’re still confused about which design suits your personality more, then leveraging services from the best interior designing companies like Creative Ally would help decode your style. For more such visit our website at And if you want to purchase our services then look no further and quickly contact Creative Ally. Coming up with such functional home interiors is our priority. We make the most out of technology using VR and AI in interior designing.

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