Thinking of interior design trends to beautify your walls and stuck for ideas? Great! Read on to discover how and what are the trends of essential home decor accents you can effectively use to enhance the beauty of your home in a timeless way that reflects your personal sense of style and also appeals to everyone you open your home to.

Mixing Textures

The fashion world exploded with mixes of textures and patterns, like leather and quilt mixed together. These blends have seeped into interior design, with textiles like leather making their way to cushions, to add visual interest to a chesterfield and armchair. Such mixtures add a sense of excitement to a space. And the key is to keep things interesting while not overpowering your space with too many variations of textures and patterns.

Transparent Furniture

The transparent acrylic furniture has made huge splashes in the world of best house interior design. Those who adore the minimalist look will appreciate transparent pieces, and those who are fashion-forward will adore the retro feel that it brings to a space and can all do wonders in your home.

Vintage Pieces

Your home should have personality, and for that, you have to find a few key vintage pieces that blend with more modern pieces to create an eclectic space. A vintage clock on a mantle, vintage movie posters on the wall, or a vintage lounge chaise can help to give your home’s decor much more originality and uniqueness.  

Designing and decorating your home can be a real challenge if you don’t have a clue where to start, the best interior designers in Delhi are here to help!

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