Even those who aren’t entranced by the deep mysteries will appreciate a seafaring decorating scheme. Still, those who can sit and ponder the ocean’s waves for hours will undoubtedly want to incorporate a nautical feel into their home decor.

It isn’t cheap, but those who want to decorate their home by interior designer Gurgaon using a seafaring motif can line their walls halfway up with wainscoting and a chair rail in deeply stained wood so that the room will look like a beautiful old ship. There are also many other ideas an innovative interior designer in Gurgaon can bring to a room when a nautical design is desired.

The color trend of curtains for the window depends on the theme of your room and your color preference. One color that always soothes your eyes is the marine shade of blue, have them made with the same materials that sail covers of sailboats are made from. If you are more experimental, paint the walls blue and choose another color for the curtains or blinds.

When trying to make your nautical theme seem a bit more natural, a rope is a great tool that you could use. You can use the rope to decorate by wrapping it around objects such as picture frames and candles, and this will make it match the room and keep it from looking out of place. If you are feeling ambitious and want to add an extra special touch to the room, According to Creative Ally you could hang a hammock in the corner of the room – this could then be used to hold the guest’s coats in the winter or merely as a decoration throughout the year.

Try your hand at decorating in a nautical theme with the help of the best interior designer in Gurgaon. Using portal windows, seashells, barometers, and other artwork depicting the sea is a great way to feel you are at the seashore or on a boat. Using the theme “at sea” is often an easy way to feel connected to Mother Nature and be on a mini-vacation!

A nautical decor theme is a great, potentially inexpensive way for families to spruce up their homes. Depending on your price range, there are various ways to achieve the at-sea look. There is no right or wrong way – have fun! Check out Ocean Styles Beach Decor for more great nautical decor looks for your home.

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