Interior space is primarily composed of walls, floor, and ceiling. These elements by Interiordesign solutions give a habitable character to the interior space. Apart from protecting from natural elements such as rain, snow, wind, and other natural calamities, interior space is also responsible for creating moods, depending upon the theme of the decoration.

Depending upon the functional purpose of the interior space, the quality and quantity of the furniture and other elements may change while doing a home renovation. But that’s not all. Any interior space can be significantly enhanced using “accessories” by Top interiordesigners in India.


1) Use of decorative curtains.

These are called “valances” and are an excellent means to decorate the windows and other openings. Valances can easily be prepared at home with some basic knowledge of stitching.


2) Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are used as an alternative to wall paintings, and these have a significant advantage in that they can be prepared from almost any material. Some possible options for material use could be matt finished paper, handmade paper, silk cloth, bamboo sticks, and jeans cloth, along with bits of mirrors parts, which can be creatively used to prepare a wall hanging.


3) Statues

These notably add to the quality of the space. The statues which can add some interest to the overall theme can be used. They add some grace to the design and, at the same time, become a useful functional piece.

4) Shade Loving Plants.

Depending upon the size of the room, lots of varieties of shade-loving plants are available today. This can be very creatively used if the plant is a flowering one. A flowering plant can significantly add to the mood of space because of its changing nature of foliage and color.


5) Decorative Lamp Shades.

Decorative lamp shades by interiordesign services have a unique quality. Because they are primarily functional at night times, the shape of the lampshade itself can be chosen in such a way that will add some interest to the room.

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