The Coronavirus pandemic had a major impact across many industries and sectors, more on the negative side rather than the positive. However, one sector that has basically benefitted from it is the home and decor industry.

With so many of us spending much more time at home, it is very likely encouraged to invest more into the appearance of our homes and make improvements to how they look to help us adapt to this new lifestyle that we currently have. Whether it was to create a new home office or simply redesign the rooms in our home to accommodate home learning, there’s likely been one room that you’ve refreshed this year. Considering this, here we take a look at how this has impacted the home renovation ideas in 2022.

So here are some things to try for home decor in 2022.

Focus on luxury

Everyone wants to make sure comfort is at the forefront of everything. This means luxury has been a focal point for home design, particularly as we’ve perhaps saved a little more money without the need to head out more often for social events. This means we should expect more durable fabrics, comfortable furnishings, and chic furniture pieces which can make living easy to live and furniture can be utilized.

Use of indoor plants

The benefits of having indoor plants around the home and the particular rooms have been a traditional design trend for many years. However, in 2022 its popularity is boosting as more of us purchase indoor plants and trees.

Multipurpose spaces

Each of us has had to adapt to the work from home lifestyle, whether it’s temporarily working on the kitchen worktop or transforming the corner of the living room to fit in a desk and desktop computer. Therefore, multipurpose furniture is trending in 2022 as working from home furniture takes an innovative approach.

Rather than working from a small desk in the corner of the room, your desk will be completely transformable with different setups and brighter color trends for easy-on-the-eye looks to match your home decor.

You must contact the best interior designers in Delhi NCR. They will can make your interior spaces functional and beautiful by determining the space requirements and selecting essentials such as lighting, materials, and colors.


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