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For those who follow cutting-edge technology news by Top Interior Designers in India, it’s no secret that home automation technology is becoming more and more popular. “Smart homes” are fabulous and offer an immense amount of functionality that cannot be matched by homes that do not incorporate automation.


However, as technology advances, trends come and go. Interior Design Solutions would agree that it’s safe to say that home automation is here to stay and that it will only become more and more advanced as time goes on.

Some of the coolest and the trending home automation technology for your home are –

   1. Automated Drapery Systems

Automated drapery systems by InteriorDesigning services are not only cool looking but also another helpful way to streamline your day. With just the push of a button, one can command their drapes into their upright positions seamlessly and without effort.

    2.  Electronic Sconces          

LED powered sconces to save on electricity and can also provide unique and warm lighting that any other type of fixture cannot reproduce. Electronic sconces are the perfect solution when hiring professional interior designers for interior work in Gurgaon to add a touch of class and progressiveness to your home.

   3.  Home Lighting Control

Home lighting control is the most common and helpful form of automation technology while doing home renovation. From a single hub, users can control every light in the house and perform several options, including dimming. Interiordesigner cost in Gurgaon is not too high as they provide you total value for your money.

 4. Projection Screens

Officeinterior designers in Gurgaon suggested that project screens in offices make offices more elegant. Not only do projection screens employ a high resolution, but they can also really raise the cool factor of whatever room they’re in. 


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