When it comes to home decor, shabby chic is undoubtedly quite popular – and for a good reason. It is classy and stylish, but it is also easy to pull off if you have a good eye for detail. At the same time, it is easy to go drastically wrong with your décor if you don’t have a good understanding of the shabby chic style by the best interior designer in Gurgaon.

One of the significant advantages of decorating in shabby chic by Creative Ally is that you can create the look without spending a great deal of money if you like. At the same time, when it comes to home décor, shabby chic items can be found in abundance at trendy stores online and off.

Shabby Chic styling by interior designers helps you recreate old times and bring innovation to the hugely common trends of using new items. While durability qualities have to be assured, the overall look does the magic. With no restriction on colour combination and dirt welcomed, designs from the French Shabby Chic furniture are the most popular. Check out the five most helpful ideas to attain a vintage look cost-effectively.

  • Begin with White

Cluttered marks and paint drops look more vibrant in a light colour, and White has to be the best one. Plus, White has been used as a prime colour in furniture and other accessories since time immemorial, thus delivering a vintage visage in modern-day establishments.

  • Use Mirrors

Mirrors are an integral part of vintage furniture and blend well with rustic designs by interior designers to make a perfect Shabby Chic conglomerate of furniture. Although there is nothing like Brocade designs, a simple rectangular frame hung on the wall with scattered paint with peeled edges is a great idea.

  • Mismatching with the waste

Don’t throw the non-functional waste material cluttered all over your house. They can be reemployed to decorate walls and even furniture. Broken glass, worn-out cushions, tilted table tops due to broken legs and many more things can be renovated to bring sturdiness. Don’t follow a pattern; place them anywhere they fit.

  • Styling Doors and Window Coverings

Doors and Windows can be bestowed with a look to reflect age-old equipment. You may use Chalk paint to colour the handles and the shutter holders. Or, you may also try vintage linens or old fabrics to cover the front side of the door while doing home renovation. Follow the generic principle of painting the door with plain colours and then using sandpaper to enhance the vintage effect.

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