Almost all of us are spending most of our time in our homes. No functions, rare gatherings
outside the home, no more coffee dates in cafes where you can click good pictures for your
Instagram. For an Instagram and Pinterest worthy photo, we need to put in efforts and money
which can be very overwhelming. There is no other feeling in the world that conquers the feeling
that you get after redecorating your home. Don’t you feel like you’ve walked into another brand
new house after redecorating your abode? Most of us won’t want to spend a lot of cash on
redecorating the home. For an unsmoked look that is easy on your pockets, we, Creative Ally
has brought together some smart yet simple DIY ideas that will be under your budget plus it
won’t skimp on style. Most of these tips are the ones that people with no skills in art or craft can
also tackle. Before departing to buy something new, find out if something on this list motivates
you to save some bucks!

1. Show Some Creativity On The Walls

Put on some abstract art pieces on the passageway or corridor walls. Abstract art is really
trendy these days and it is not difficult. Even if you’re not experienced making such artwork is a
really easy task. You can add photos to the walls. Do a mix and match! You can use photos,
decorative plates, quotes, mirrors or any other funky wall decor.

2. Bring In Greens
To add an Instagram-y aesthetic touch to your home the most affordable and easiest way is to
go green. Bring in hanging plants, big indoor plants, faux plants, plant frames or succulents. It is
healthy for you as well as it looks sleek and stylish.
3. Flaunt Your Collection
Adding a showpiece to an open corner in your home will make it look more fancy and stylish.
You can display your book collections, vase, antique pieces, memorabilia or any other fancy
collections that you possess.

4. Add in Funky Colours

Let your personality and creativity reflect through the colours that you chose for your interior
decor. If you don’t know which colour would look good check out Creative Ally’s website at
www.creativeally.in We have posted many blogs related to the home interior decor which will
help you to chose what you want.

5. Cozy Fairy Lights

Illumination can really make a big difference in the way your house looks! Make sure that a lot of
natural sunlight is coming in throughout the day. For the evenings, add lamps, fairy lights,
scented candles or disco lights. You can add neon lights around your mirror for a more
Instagram friendly look. You can take up such ideas from Creative Ally’s website and follow for
more such ideas.

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