4 Home Addition Ideas To Expand Your Square Footage


There comes a time in everyone’s life when you may require more storage space to live happily, but you may not have the funds to make a move to a new home. If this is the case, building a home addition with the help of the best interior designers in Delhi would be a brilliant remodeling project. This appreciates your home’s market value.

Here are home addition ideas:

  1. Make a modular addition You can choose to go for a pre-fabricated room instead of a construction one, especially if you want to expand upwards. Contact the best interior designers in Delhi NCR for all your construction needs.
  2. Finish your basement Basements are the form of home expansion that is more profitable if you get to it. You must contact the best interior designers. Apart from adding a significant area, you can use that area as a cozy apartment or an entertainment room.
  3. Extend your kitchen A spacious kitchen is always a plus point to have and you can make the kitchen remodeling a part of your home remodeling or home improvement projects for some extra space and increase the house’s sale value.
  4. Bathroom addition Extending your bathroom can give you an ROI of up to 70%. If you have the budget, you can introduce the luxury bath fittings like a bathtub, perhaps. Don’t forget to add a walk-in closet and the master bathroom extension to produce a wholesome space in your home.

Creative Ally can make this procedure as simple as possible and ensure that the result is everything you imagine.

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