10 Ways to Renovate Your Home Interior


During our childhood, we have heard a bunch of times that a house is made up of just a roof and four walls while a home comprises much more than just materialistic things. You can buy one of the finest furnishings and get the most exquisite designs for your house but it won’t be home until you have a family or someone you love to share it with.

While being with your family, even sharing a single room would suffice. Though, to make it a more blissful experience; the team at Bliss Spaces is here to help you achieve your dream-come-true interior that too at a ‘Zero Cost’. The best possible way to achieve this is to get a sense of “How to renovate your home interior?”

While, as we move forward to a more modernized world; people have started to restructure their needs along with it. Nowadays, a good life is no longer just limited to food, clothing, and a roof to cover your head. On the contrary, it has changed from what we eat and when we eat to where we eat and which cutlery, we use to eat. Certainly, there is no end to chase for materialistic things. Though, people have started to understand that ‘Quality of Life’, matters a lot. For which, the first step involved enhancing your living standards; beginning from the house you live in.

We often tend to miss out on the fact that a house ensures something more than “A place to fit in”. It ensures:

–                 Functionality

–                 Comfort

–                 Balance

–                 Healthy Environment

–                 Safety

–                 Home Values

The one thing we crave so deeply is the comfort of our own home. We all want to go to work knowing the fact that at the end of the day, we would love to be back at our comfortable and enjoyable home.

When your home is still new, the high chances are that the home feels comfortable. When days pass, the comfort starts to decrease since you will start to feel the need to top-up other things in your home to improve the environment of your space. Satisfaction and comfort at your own house are essential factors to consider. For this, an efficient renovation is essential. Given, the fact that it can be a little expensive sometimes; Bliss Spaces has come up with some tips which you can use to facilitate your own house at spending NO COST over designers.

10 Ways to Renovate Your Home Interior


The best thing about redoing your walls on your own is that you get a chance to put all your stylish ideas and desires into action. It is similar to getting a plain canvas, where you can pierce your creative side into something aesthetic.


The color wheel plays a critical role in interior design, as it helps to define a space more efficiently. It is capable of changing the atmosphere of the interior and creating harmony with the decor by your style. Each color has a direct connection with our mood and mind frame.

That is the reason it is very important to follow a consistent color scheme.


One of the most important things that help reflect the true beauty of an interior is proper and effective lightning. It not only adds a vibrant touch to the interior but also becomes a hotspot for clicking good photos.


The one thing that is always associated with remodeling an interior is upgrading the existing furniture/accessories by replacing it with new furnishing or adding changes to the existing one.

We all possess the creative insight to modify objects according to our needs and will. Also, it adds a significant touch to the space.


Storage Management is the key contributing factor to making a space look beautiful. Sometimes, people tend to fill up their houses in negligence without catering to the fact that a spacious house is one of the major factors determining a more comfortable stay.

So, the hack to this is very simple which includes the practice of avoiding filling your house with things that are not necessary.


Element Accents are a design element whose sole purpose is to pop out, grab the eye, all while working within the existing colors of the room.


It is very important to make sure that you use all the materials that are safe enough to ensure a healthy environment.


We live in a world that is influenced by technology a lot. So, accessories are something that makes living easier and facilitate a comfortable stay.


No, matter how much you put into making the wall a colorful and stylish one, but without an object worthy enough of covering an area of the wall it is worthless.

A beautiful wall-hanging not only catches the eyes of its viewers but even adds life to the wall.


Many, people tend to neglect the fact that despite a not-so-great use, shades still stand out to be one of the most important features of a room.

It is very important that the shades are in co-relation with the adjacent walls and the corresponding window/door. This is not only guarantee’s a smooth texture but also adds to the lighting of the room.

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