2021 has been a very long and back-breaking year for all of us. It started with the fury of
the infamous virus and is still under the dark shadow of it. Many people’s attitude
towards life has changed in 2021 and many are hoping and praying for a better year
ahead in 2022. For a year and a half, your abodes have become the main settings of
our lives. The work that would have been done elsewhere is now done within the four
walls of our home. This is the new normal, the new pandemic reality. We have been
forced to de-escalate and do work from our homes which is a strong enough reason
why interior designing has become even more important these days. So here are 10
trendy home decor ideas that will dominate in 2022-
1. Foster Nature
One of the major repercussions that the pandemic has exposed us, is the reduced
access to nature. Today we are scared to go to crowded open spaces like parks. But
there is an alternative available, you can bring greens to your home. You can build a
kitchen garden of your own on your balcony, window sill or terrace. It will act as a pill of
freshness to your dull and monotonous day.
2. Bold Patterns And Colours
Bold patterns and colours have now sprung up, such as shades of red, brown are
trendy these days. Contrasting these wall colours with a good neutral colour couch and
table adds spice to a bland recipe. Along with it, stylish and sleek hanging lights are the
best combos these days.
3. Lots Of Layers
While minimalism is always trendy, in 2022 you might come across more of maximalism.
Layers and textures will be everywhere in fashion. Covering walls with printed wallpaper
and sleek, stylish designer patterns will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.
With such wallpaper design adding a piece of very minimalistic furniture will make it look
modest and very Instagram friendly.
4. 3D Art
We will see a large number of people gravitating towards 3D Art. It will add a punch to
unlively walls as we continue to spend more time in our abode. Art that will pop out of
the walls is going to be very popular this year. Be it 3D wall design or painting, wall
murals, pop art, marbles, they affix more creativity and life to the uninteresting and
wearisome walls.
5. Technology Will Be Embraced
Demand for digitisation has increased with the innovation of more and more smart
devices and affordable internet. Technology will play an important role in the way we live
or work. It will revolutionise the home spaces. These days consumers prefer smart,
energy-efficient and sustainable home appliances to enhance and ease their lifestyle.
Just like Alexa, Siri accelerated in 2020 and 2021.
6. Dark Theme Kitchen
Kitchens have changed the way they look very frequently in the past decade. The
kitchen these days have a darker and moodier colour. Affix granites, marbles, quartzites
in your kitchen. Prefixing textures to your kitchen makes it look modest and modular at
the same time.
7. Traditional Things
In 2022, traditional items are seeing a major turn back. More and more people are
craving a sense of happiness and satisfaction from adding traditional items to their
personal spaces. We have lost our loved ones in this pandemic. In their memory adding
a bit of personalised touch to your abode brings nostalgia and a sense of their
presence. This new year is all about honouring our roots.
8. 1970s Decor
Seventies decor and colours have retreated back. You will see more terracotta, sage
and mustard colours also. Peg legs on cabinets and tables, teak wood furniture will
highly be used in 2022.
9. Curved Furniture
With the arrival of 2022, we will observe the arrival of curved couches and beds. They
bring a fresh and soft way feeling. From curved corners of dining tables to backs of
sofas, there will be an angular finish to objects in your abode.
10. Colourful Windows
You will see a lot of colour patterns and designs in window screens and treatments.
They play a key role because they act as the jewellery of the abode. They can really
add a deep impact to your home. Add pretty and sleek screens to your windows to trend
up in the game of interior design.
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